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Best Online Universities in Georgia

There are many online universities in Georgia, offering a range of degree programs for you to choose from. Whether you want a twp-year associate’s degree or a decade-long doctorate, you can find opportunities to study online. The key here is to find a school that offers the type of program you want at a price you can afford. Here is an overview of the best online universities in Georgia.

Georgia Universities Online

Georgia is home to 162 post-secondary institutions, with 44 of them offering online degree programs. Some of them have hybrid degrees that include partial training on a college campus, and others offer degrees entirely online. This list shows how many of each degree type are available through online Georgia schools:

  • Certificates: 826
  • Associates: 3,321
  • Bachelors: 5,362
  • Masters: 2,288
  • Doctorates: 544

There are also degree programs available in other schools in the country that you could attend in Georgia. Just make sure the degrees are entirely online, and you should be set.

Tuition Rates for Online Georgia Universities

Tuition rates in Georgia vary by school size, school type, school funding, and more. You can get an affordable education just about anywhere in this state, especially if you have some financial aid to back you. This is what the average student pays to go to school in Georgia:

  • Public four-year colleges: $4,097 per year
  • Public community colleges: $2,009 per year
  • Private online colleges: $5,016 – $38,600 per year

Georgia Employment Prospects

There are roughly 3,815,530 workers in Georgia, with many of them working in wholesale trade, arts and entertainment, and information processing. The average employee earns $20.82 an hour, which equals about $43,310 a year. If you have a good education in the state of Georgia, you will have a great chance at getting a high paying job.