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Best Online Universities in Nebraska

There are many universities in Nebraska, and they offer a wide range of degree programs among them. It does not matter what you want to be in the future. Chances are you can find a degree to help you get there. If you are trying to get an education from home, you could look into a distance learning program within the state. Here is a peak at the best online universities in Nebraska.

Nebraska Universities Online

There are 50 post-secondary institutions in Nebraska. Of these, 22 offer degree programs on the internet. If you would like to complete your education online, you could do so at every level. Here is a breakdown of the number of degree programs available here:

  • Certificates: 154
  • Associates: 1,180
  • Bachelors: 2,386
  • Masters: 835
  • Doctorates: 171

Keep in mind that you could also attend school in another state if the degree program was entirely online. All you have to do is pass the entry requirements for that school, and you may be able to get a degree better suited for your goals.

Tuition Rates for Online Nebraska Universities

The tuition rates for schools in Nebraska are fairly low, depending on the type of school you choose to attend. If you get a chance to talk to your school’s financial aid department, you may be able to find scholarships to help you cover most of the cost of your education. Average tuition rates in this state include:

  • Public four-year colleges: $5,455 per year
  • Public community colleges: $2,140 per year
  • Private online colleges: $6,000 – $29,226 per year

Nebraska Employment Prospects

There are 927,150 workers in Nebraska, and many of them have college degrees. The average employee earns $19.33 an hour, which is about $40,210 a year. The biggest industries in Nebraska are educational and health care services, construction, and infrastructure. Think about what you want to do in life, and then find a degree program to help get you there.