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Best Online Universities in Oregon

There are many colleges in Oregon, and a lot of them offer degree programs online. If you need a degree program that will work around your hectic schedule, distance learning will be the key to your success. Choose from a variety of degrees that you can earn right from home, and enjoy the benefits of getting an education on the internet. Here is a look at the best online universities in Oregon.

Oregon Universities Online

There are 77 post-secondary institutions in Oregon, and 18 of these offer online degree programs. You can earn a degree at any level you want, and you can choose from a number of fantastic majors. Here is a list of the number of online degrees available in Oregon:

  • Certificates: 364
  • Associates: 1,701
  • Bachelors: 2,288
  • Masters: 1,134
  • Doctorates: 317

If you cannot find the degree you need in Oregon, you could always look into online degree programs in other states. As long as the school is accredited and the program is available entirely online, you will be able to get the training you need right from home.

Tuition Rates for Online Oregon Universities

The tuition rates for Oregon change from school to school. Some colleges are able to charge less money than others because they offer shorter degree programs. The average cost of tuition in OR is:

  • Public four-year colleges: $7,000 per year
  • Public community colleges: $3,152 per year
  • Private online colleges: $10,320 – $37,150 per year

Oregon Employment Prospects

There are 1,640,300 people working in the state of Oregon. These employees earn an average of $22.01 an hour, which is about $45,780 a year. The biggest industries in the state include: public administration, agriculture, and wholesale trade. You could work in these or other industries with the right training and some determination.