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Best Online Universities in Pennsylvania

Do you want to get a great degree in Pennsylvania? If so, there are a lot of fantastic schools available for you. Many of these schools have begun offering degree programs online as a way to expand their student populations. You can choose from the best online universities in Pennsylvania, and you can get a jump start to your career. Read on to learn more about the exciting options in store for you.

Pennsylvania Universities Online

There are 61 post-secondary institutions in Pennsylvania, and out of these, all 61 offer online degree programs. You can earn a degree in almost any subject, depending on whether or not it requires hands on training. This list shows the number of online degrees available in Pennsylvania:

  • Certificates: 1,040
  • Associates: 6,373
  • Bachelors: 13,033
  • Masters: 5,567
  • Doctorates: 1,244

If you cannot find a degree that you like from this state, you could consider going to college in another state. This will not affect the quality of your education. The only difference will be the location of the main campus – which you should have no reason to go to.

Tuition Rates for Online Pennsylvania Universities

Tuition rates for Pennsylvania universities vary from city to city. This state has a higher cost of attendance than most states, but it also offers better paying jobs. The average price of tuition in Pennsylvania is as follows:

  • Public four-year colleges: $9,812 per year
  • Public community colleges: $5,134 per year
  • Private online colleges: $10,200 – $39,350 per year

Pennsylvania Employment Prospects

There are 5,616,820 workers in this state, according to information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average employee in Pennsylvania earns $21.77 an hour, which comes out to be $45,280 a year. The biggest industries in this state are public administration, manufacturing, and wholesale trade. If you take the time to earn a degree in PA, you should have a much better chance at finding work here in the future.