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Best Online Universities in Tennessee

There are many degree programs in Tennessee, with a large portion of them available on the internet. Online degrees are becoming a popular alternative to traditional programs because they give students the chance to stay at home while they continue to work on their education. If you would like to learn more about your options, check out the following information about the best online universities in Tennessee.

Tennessee Universities Online

Tennessee is home to 169 post-secondary institutions, of which 45 offer degrees on the internet. If you want to become a medical assistant, criminologist, physical therapist, or pharmacy technician, you have the opportunity to do so on the internet. Here is a look at the number of degree programs Tennessee has to offer:

  • Certificates: 387
  • Associates: 1,965
  • Bachelors: 5,510
  • Masters: 2,093
  • Doctorates: 485

If you cannot find a degree that fits your needs, you may want to consider going to school in another state. You will not have to leave Tennessee to do this, as long as the degree is entirely online. Consider all of your options before enrolling in the school of your choice.

Tuition Rates for Online Tennessee Universities

There are a lot of factors that determine how much money a student must pay for a degree. If you have good grades, you might be able to get a scholarship to pay for your tuition. Here are the average tuition rates across the state:

  • Public four-year colleges: $4,975 per year
  • Public community colleges: $2,834 per year
  • Private online colleges: $8,040 – $34,270 per year

Tennessee Employment Prospects

There are 2,700,050 employees in the state of Tennessee. The average worker earns $19.33 an hour, which is about $40,200 a year. The biggest industries in this state are arts and entertainment, finance, and public administration. If you earn a degree in your career field, you will improve your chances of getting into one of these high demand industries.