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Best Online Universities in Texas

There are many schools to choose from in Texas, and any one of them could be perfect for you. Whether you live in this state or want to move here, you are not limited in your educational abilities. Some students do better learning on their own than they do in the classroom, which is where distance learning comes into play. If you are one of those students, check out what the best online universities in Texas have to offer.

Texas Universities Online

There are 365 post-secondary institutions in Texas, of which 74 have degree programs on the internet. You could choose to get a degree at just about any level, including master’s degrees and doctorates. Here is a look at the number of degree programs available in this state:

  • Certificates: 1,505
  • Associates: 9,139
  • Bachelors: 10,926
  • Masters: 6,842
  • Doctorates: 1,699

You may also think about degree programs outside of your state. As long as all of your classes are on the internet, you should have no trouble training in a different part of the country. Just note that your tuition may go up as an out of state student.

Tuition Rates for Online Texas Universities

The average cost of tuition in Texas is fairly low, especially when you think about how many schools there are in this state. You can contact your college’s financial aid department to learn about different ways you may be able to pay for school. This list shows what tuition rates are like in Texas:

  • Public four-year colleges: $4,526 per year
  • Public community colleges: $1,690 per year
  • Private online colleges: $7,000 – $33,120 per year

Texas Employment Prospects

Because Texas is such a large state, it has 10,913,950 employees working within its borders. The average worker earns $21.35 an hour, which is about $44,400 a year. The biggest industries in this state are administration, educational, health care services, and retail trade. If you take the time to earn a degree, you will have a better chance at starting a career in these industries and more.