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Best Online Universities in Wyoming

There are many online universities in Wyoming, offering a range of degree programs for you to look into. Whether you want a two-year associate’s degree or a much longer doctorate, you can find opportunities to study on the internet. You just have to make sure that the degree you choose will lead you to the career you want to pursue. Here is a look at the best online universities in Wyoming.

Wyoming Universities Online

There are 12 post-secondary institutions in the state of Wyoming, of which 6 offer online degree programs. This may not seem like much, but there are many degree programs amongst these six school. They break down as follows:

  • Certificates: 86
  • Associates: 1,109
  • Bachelors: 214
  • Masters: 153
  • Doctorates: 53

Note that you could go to school in another state and still stay in Wyoming. That is the beauty of distance learning. As long as none of your classes are on campus, you should be set.

Tuition Rates for Online Wyoming Universities

There are many factors that may influence the amount of money you have to pay for college. Some students have to pay more for school than others because of the types of degrees they have to go through. Here is a look at the averages for your reference:

  • Public four-year colleges: $2,970 per year
  • Public community colleges: $1,632 per year
  • Private online colleges: $9,480 per year

Wyoming Employment Prospects

Even though Wyoming is a fairly large state, there are only 278,910 people working within it. The average worker here earns $21.05 an hour, which is about $43,770 a year. The biggest industries in this state are financial services, agriculture, and administration. Earn a degree in any one of these, and you should have an easy time finding a job after graduation.